Conducted by Facilitator: Phan Huu Loc


The course aims to provide participants with the necessary skills, tools, method and techniques to identify and develop new manager and leader. It is expected that by the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Build the confidence it takes to take the lead
  • Understanding the personal life and dynamics of one employee.
  • Effective commnunication with peer and their staffs
  • Influencing and inspiring people
  • Define leadership role and fulfill it appropriately on a day-to-day basic
  • Apply EECC feedback model.



The course consists of two days with theoretical and practical activities. The training method requires participants to be very active in the learning process. Researches, readings, case studies, role-plays, group discussions and work-based assignments will be used and evaluated.



The course is designed for participants who are currently in the role of New Manager or Team Leader, Superviors.




  1. Create  Vission
  • Create Vission, Mission of your team
  • The coaching cycle
  • Pre-requisites for coaching & mentoring
  • Coaching for performance
  • The Leader’s role in coaching
  • Managing people issues
  1. Build Trust And Become An Influential Leader
  • Apply a process for memory improvement
  • Become familiar with the principles for improving human relations
  • Identify opportunities for improving business relationships

Application Tools: The principles for improving human relations

  1. Energize Communications To Inspire Others
  • Recognize that putting action into our buisness communications releases nervous energy
  • Become more natural with communicating with our associates
  • Become more demonstrative to energize and engage others

Application Tools: Congruence

  1. Coaching And Feedback
  • Understand the differences between training and coaching
  • Achieve higher performance with self-coaching and coaching people
  • Required skills of an effective coach
  • Objectives and methods of coaching
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Apply EECC feedback model.


  1. Leadership Tools To Build Team Power
  • Success factors of leadership communication
  • Leadership tool “Delegation”: How to effective delegate to team member
  • “Peer Advice” Model: selection of cases
  • Practise: Self-reflection: tribute statement

Conduct training program by Facilitator: Phan Huu Loc

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