Leadership Foundation Academy

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Leadership Foundation Academy PO Box 720781. San Diego , San Diego 92172-0781 – USA Phone: 1-858-769-9090

Transformational Leader: Jimmy Thai, DTM came to America as a refugee in his 20’s, empty-handed with no education or English language. His first job was a school janitor. Today, he’s cracked the “Bamboo Ceiling” becoming a VP of a Fortune500 company and offered keynote speech/seminars on the American Dream. He serves on the Board of Directors for National Association for Asian American Professionals (NAAAP-Southern California).



Lead Across Cultures



2954 Windstone Cir Marietta, Georgia 30062 USA

Lead Across Cultures Intl. partners with professionals and organizations to solve the daily challenges posed by ineffective communications, cross-cultural barriers, and change resistance and to facilitate adaptation to the 21st century global leadership style.